Food is Important. Who Knew?

So when people tell you that you need to “eat right and take care of your body”, what they actually mean is “eat right and take care of your body, because if you don’t it will ROUNDHOUSE KICK YOU IN THE FACE AND LEAVE YOU CRYING ON THE FLOOR FOR HELP.”

The reason I’ve been so absent on the blog is because I just spent 5 days gettin my butt kicked by my body because I haven’t really been eating well or taking care of myself here in Boston. Apparently, one cereal bar at 7am and some tortilla chips and salsa at 9pm are not keys to a balanced diet.

So please, to anyone out there who reads this, please eat right. Fruits and veggies. Frequent, balanced meals. Lots of water. Exercise. Take vitamins. All that good stuff they they tell you growing up is actually important, as I just found out the hard way.

That’s my PSA for now. More interesting entries to come.


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