An Eclectic Post

This may be a random post, I just find myself in a writing kind of mood tonight. Here’s what’s been happening:

Holy crap, I love “Dexter”. My opinion, it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in awhile. Michael C. Hall is a fine actor, as is Jennifer Carpenter. Feels like it’s rare to find great actors in today’s TV shows, but they certainly are brilliant. And I just finished the season with John Lithgow, and WOW- he took it to a whole new level (turned it up to 11, if you will). Do I spend way too much time watching “Dexter”? Absolutely. Do I care? Not so much. I’m still getting my work done, and having a social life.

YAY I’m doing musical theater again- even if it’s only a 20 minute version of the show! Thanks to the class at Emerson titled “Directing the Musical”, I have to chance to perform the role of Florence in “Chess”. Each student in the class proposes a musical to condense into a 20 minute version, then they hold auditions, cast their shows, and direct and produce them. Then, we all come together  for one happy night of mini musicals. I feel so, so lucky to be a part of this production, and I feel like giving some shout outs here:

Jess: She’s a GREAT director to work for- I owe her a huge thanks for casting me in this role. She’s such a positive influence in this show, and she really trusts us and give us freedom to play and experiment.

Jim: My Anatoly. I say it all the time, but the guy is an absolute JOY to work with. Kind, caring, and sensitive, he brings a new compassionate layer to the character, and really turns Anatoly into a conflicted lead role. On stage, I get to see what a gifted actor he is- he’s constantly thinking about his next move (as one does in a chess game- OH! SYMBOLISM!), and he’s fully invested in his character at all times. To add to that, the acting doesn’t fall away when the music starts- he sings the role beautifully, and performs it flawlessly. It’s an honor to witness such poise and presence, and I’m constantly inspired.

Rachel: As the CIA/news reporter, Rachel does an amazing job at setting the mood for the show and scenes. I think she’s a freshman, but her stage presence makes you believe she’s a senior or a grad student. She brings that “news reporter” lilt into her voice, and totally draws us into the world of the play. She rocks.

Andrew: Speaking of rocking, this guy is a total rock star! He’s got the energy of Mick Jagger, with the pop rock belt of Freddy Mercury. He was perfectly cast in the role of Freddy, and he’s just great to work with. We have this heated argument, and even though he claims to have a hard time playing the bad guy, totally embodies the character and shoves me around the stage in anger. It’s awesome.

Gabe: A sensational Molokov- spot on Russian accent, booming bass/baritone voice, and awesome stage presence. He’s an acting major, so his character work is damn good. I love when he gets all up in Jim’s face and tells him to steal the woman like he’d steal a queen chess piece. Total tension, it’s awesome!

This might be my segway back into doing a show here and there- after over a year’s hiatus, it’s nice to get my feet wet again.

There’s so much to say about this amazing school- mainly my teachers and classes. Seriously, the course work is ALL interesting- the article readings, projects, classroom activities. All of it. I know I’m doing work, but it never feels like it. I’m taking that as a sign that I’m doing the right thing.

A couple of days ago, my friends and I did an observation at a private school. It was really great to spend a day in a school, watching theater educators in action. I’m also thinking about doing some extra observations at urban schools, public schools, and maybe even some middle schools, so see where I fit.

“Anything Goes”
YAY, I’m choreographing again! Last week we had auditions for “Anything Goes” at a private school right near my house. These kids are *awesome*- how often is it that you get 6 dancing boys? And not just “I have two feet, so that enables me to mimic the dance moves you are showing” kind of dancing- real dancing boys! Boys that own tap shoes! I absolutely can’t wait to get started- this will be my second time choreographing “Anything Goes”, and I’m really looking forward to making it better than the first time. Version, 2.0, begin!

Also, thanks to random chain of events, I’ve been asked to choreograph this private school’s middle school production of “Joseph”. Never choreographed it before, never worked for a middle school- really, really looking forward to starting that adventure! More info to come on that one.

Apologies for the randomness of this post- just needed to write! Hope you’re all doing well out there! I’ll post some new recipes very soon!


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