Does anyone else find it difficult to title your blog entry before you write it? I mean, really. The fact that the “enter title here” box is the first thing I see on the page just adds a level of stress that I don’t need before writing. Let me write my entry- then give me the “enter title here” box. Just a thought.

Took my first road trip from Boston to Jersey today! Time for Thanksgiving break! Anyone who knows me knows that I love driving more than any other way of transportation. Just fill up the gas tank (well, if you’re me: try to figure out how to pump your own gas, think about asking for help, suffer from too much pride, keep driving until you see the sign “full service”, THEN fill up the gas tank), plug in the iPod and hit the open road belting “Wicked”! Eat crappy food at pit stops! Use sketchy rest stop bathroom! What could be better?

Anyway, after only getting turned around once (I swear the Tappanzee Bridge is a figment of people’s imaginations), I managed to find my way home to good ‘ol Princeton. It feels great to be in a real home- couches, a living room, a normal sized bedroom, normal temperature rooms and a REAL bathroom are just a few of the things I miss in my rental place in Boston. My place up there certainly gets the job done, and I’m relatively comfortable. But there really is no place like home.

That’s not to say I don’t miss my Boston/Emerson buddies- I can’t believe how lucky I got with my group of friends. Seriously. I had this fear of coming to Boston and having no friends. Like…maybe people only like me in Jersey, but I don’t work in New England. Luckily, that didn’t happen! Thanks guys!


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