A Post on Thanksgiving? Am I Un-American?

No, I’m not un-American. I just have time between dinner and putting up the Christmas tree, I thought I would spend it with “Dexter” and my blog.

I’ve never particularly enjoyed Thanksgiving. Not because I don’t appreciate my family, or because I don’t like being thankful. But I don’t like any of the “traditional” food, and I feel like I’m being punished when I’m forced to sit down and eat it. However, this year was the most promising one yet. We had a few misses but also a few hits!

Turkey: NO. It was cooked beautifully, looked great and smelled great. I have never, and will never like turkey.

Mashed potatoes: YES. Mom used Idaho potatoes and steamed them. Then we added parmesan cheese, which w as the best idea ever.

String beans with oil and vinegar: YES. But I wanted garlic. I like garlic.

Yams with marshmallows: MAYBE. I didn’t get to eat them,  but they sure looked pretty. Tricia (family friend) got real marshmallow happy when she made the dish, so if you like marshmallows this would have been a great dish for you.

Spiral ham: YES. Praise the baby Jesus, yes. This is my substitute for turkey. And the best thing about ham is that you can eat it the next day with eggs! Omlettes, ham and egg scramble…I sense a “Quick and Easy Recipe” entry on the way!

Stuffing: YES. I don’t really understand stuffing…are you supposed to actually stuff it into things? We just served it in a bowl, and I ate it with my ham and other foods.

Pecan and Apple Pies: YES. I like pie. I like pie a lot.

We also had some appetizer/antipasto dishes like stuffed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, olives, sliced cheeses, etc. So all in all, I would say this was a successful Thanksgiving, with the final tallies being YES: 5, NO: 1, and MAYBE: 1. Who knows, I may become a fan after all these years. Just keep that damn turkey away from me.

UPDATE: Christmas tree is up!!


One thought on “A Post on Thanksgiving? Am I Un-American?

  1. You are the second person I know that doesn’t like turkey. Un-American? Hmmm, maybe not. Maybe next year you should try Tur-Duck-ken.

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