Happy New (Blog) Year!

Hey, everyone!! Happy holidays and happy new year to you- it’s so good to be back!

Well, the second half of 2010 turned out to be pretty wonderful-  I got into grad school, moved to Boston, got to perform a little bit, met some wonderful new friends and an absolutely incredible guy who I’m crazy about. Not to mention the good grades, fun Christmas and uber successful New Years party at my mom’s house with our friends. I can only hope that 2011 continues to bring me some good news!

What’d you get for Christmas?? I got:

A Martha Stewart Spice Rack!

I'm spicy!

A Hyperbole and a Half T-shirt (the most hilarious blog you’ll ever read)

Along with a photo collage my mom made for me, a sassy new red trench coat, some clothing items, and lots of cook books and magazines. What a great Christmas!

It wouldn’t be a winter break without the annual Aniano New Years party (affectionately given the title “AnianoFest” by my friend Amanda). This year, since we had a new house, we decided we’d kick the party up a notch and buy a Wii….and the game “Michael Jackson: The Experience”. Basically, you follow along with the dancer on the screen, and try to mimic all the iconic MJ dance moves. The games comes with a collection of some of his greatest works, including “Thriller”, “Billie Jean”, and “Don’t Stop Till you Get Enough”. This game is a lot of fun with the added elements of a) non-dancers who are really good sports and b) lots of alcohol. The game was a hit, and there are now many, many incriminating videos floating around facebook. Always a sign of a good party.

While I was home on winter break, my mom and I cooked a lot. Here’s a quick and easy recipe that she showed me for some delicious pork chops!

Sage Seasoned Pork Chops:
4-5 bone in pork chops
Salt and pepper
Garlic Powder
Olive Oil

Season pork chops with sage, salt and pepper,  and garlic powder on both sides

Heat olive oil on medium heat

Place pork chops in pan, cook about 5 mins each side. Pork should have little to no pink in the middle

Serve with a salad and bread

Quick, easy and delicious- enjoy, everyone!


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