Alright, so I’ve been living up here in Boston for a little over one month. Since then I’ve:
– sung at karaoke with people other than Jacob, Rachel and Aaron from the coffee bar
– started to learn how to cook
– learned a crap ton of interesting things in my classes
– gotten a phone number (no, I did not call it)
– been invited to a party with BC law students (yep. Joan the theater kid and LAW students)
– picked apples off a tree
– made some wonderful new friends
– found the Boston equivalents to Triumph Brewery, Central Park, Menlo Park Mall and McCaffreys
– suffered, but currently making it through, a heartbreak
– received all good grades on assignments so far
– seen three incredible shows (Laramie Project, Laramie sequel, Fraulein Maria)
– fell in love with Boston

Most of these things are relatively minor, I realize that (apples? really?). But if you knew how nervous I was to move up here, you would know how relieved I am to find that I’m doing ok up here.


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