If  someone had told me a year ago that I would move to Boston, survive my first year of grad school, direct a play, choreograph two musicals and finally experience what a happy and supportive relationship feels like- I would have told them they were insane. Certifiably insane.

I tell everyone up here that they wouldn’t have recognized me a year ago. Hell, even when I moved to Boston I was still an empty shell of the person I am now. I was nervous about relocating, unsure of my choice, and physically and emotionally drained from the spirit-sucking drama that awaited me back in Jersey (and on the road). My energy was spent texting, arguing and crying. Not good for studying or focusing.

I was afraid I wouldn’t find a core group of supportive friends- I found them.
I was worried I would fail at teaching- I succeeded.
I was terrified of escaping the emotional abuse I had dealt with for years- I escaped.

I wish I could write out all the hurtful and unsupportive things I had to listen to for the past 2 years, but that’s a waste of energy. I will say that making the decision to come to Boston made me stronger, which in turn gave me the strength to escape my bad situation, which in turn led me to the amazing people/person I found up here. Someone who respects me, appreciates me, thinks I’m talented, listens, makes time for me


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